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Speech Level Singing Workshop

Junko is available to teach a singing workshop for a group in your community.  Whether you are a shower-singer, volunteer worship singer, or a season professional, you will learn the key elements of Speech Level Singing:

- singing without vocal fatigue

- expanding your range

- achieving a more "pop" style in your singing

- gaining more power in your voice

- breathing correctly with your diaphragm

- adjusting your vowels to sound professional

Speech Level Singing is Hollywood's #1 singing method, created by Seth Riggs (Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, Ricky Martin, and many others).  Junko has been training directly under Seth since 2010 and has been singing his method since 1990.  She is currently one of only 22 certified SLS instructors in the world ( There is currently no SLS instructor in Hawaii.

For more information about vocal workshop with Junko for a group of any size, please contact us at  

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